A Pleb's Manifesto

A Pleb's Manifesto

Bitcoin is a necessary tool for an open society in this electronic age.  Bitcoin is both a network and a money. It is digital property rights. Bitcoin affords the ability to maintain full ownership over one's financial resources. While Bitcoin uses cryptography, it is not to be mistaken for 'Crypto'.

Bitcoin can mean many things to a pleb. It can be a store of value, a means of preserving wealth, a secure messaging protocol or even a catalyst for positive change in one's own life.

We must defend our own digital property if we expect to have any. We must protect our keys, and learn from our own mistakes. 

May we dedicate ourselves to furthering Bitcoin awareness through any practical means. We should acknowledge that every person has their own journey to Bitcoin. We should use the term 'shitcoin' with discretion, understanding that we say this our of respect for other people and their livelihood. 

Bitcoin plebs run nodes, spend UTXOs, open channels, close channels, use the command line, read manuals, read forums, post on Twitter, watch the mempool, mine coins, respect individuals and distrust the collective. Plebs also lose their keys and learn from that.

Plebs are actively engaged in improving themselves and living an honest life. Let us proceed together apace.

Chris Pollard
20 June 2022

Image attribution: 'Netzwerk in den Bergen / Digital Nomad' Source: wuestenigel 

This manifesto is inspired by Eric Hughes' 'Cypherpunk Manifasto' written in 1994.


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